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Programe de modificat poze online

                                Programe de modificat poze online interesante

                             Alte site-uri de modificat poze
  HairMixer - Ever wondered what you or a celebrity would look like with a particular haircut? Well ponder no more. With this website you have the ability to mix and match hair from two people. You can select a photo on the left and a photo on the right and then you can mix their faces and hair to see how it would look.
Photo505  This one is very similiar to the first two but has more effects! So if the first two websites weren’t enough for you I’d consider checking out this website for fun effects that will keep you busy for days on end!
YearBook Yourself  The title of the website itself so make it pretty clear what this website is all about. Basically what you do with this website is you register with the website and then you have the ability to select a picture of yourself and put it in the yearbook. It is a pretty neat tool. Check it out and see what you look like in the YearBook!
Loonapix  This website is a bit different then the rest of fun picture editting websites because it gives you the ability to do effects to your pictures, face effects, photo frames, ad photo trims. So there is a few more options with this website that is sure to keep you busy for hours!
Magmypic  This one is a lot of fun! You can take a picture of yourself and use it to create a magazine cover! There is also a section on the website where you can rate other peoples magazine covers! You also have the ability to select either magazine or comic book covers.
Your Own Wired Cover  This one is similiar to the website above but has additional options. You are able to choose the logo color, create cover headlines, and upload a photo. If #7 above did not give you what you wanted then check this one out and see if you can find what you are looking for!
Hollywood Hair Makeover  This feature is pretty neat because you can stylize a picture of yourself with celebrity hair and makeup. All you need to do is upload your photo, try on new star styles, try on tons of lipstick, and try the best beauty buys from their annual list.
Write On It  This website is fun because you can create multiple types of pictures. You can create captions, fake pictures, and fake magazines. You also have the ability to battle other people on the website for who has create the best image!
 Dumpr - Like many of the other websites above you can use this website to apply many effects to your pictures. There are lots of great effects here to try so check it out.
Montagraph  This website allows you to take an original picture and then erase part of the picture where the face was and then add in your own picture to make a new picture. See below for an example of how this works.
My Heritage – This website uses advanced face recognition technology to produce celebrity morph pictures and many other pictures. My Heritage also has fun effects such as Celebrity Morph, Look-alike Meter, Celebrity Collage and Tag Photos.
Letter James – Letter James is a website used to put writing effects into your photos. So if you have a photo of say a beach and you wanted to add writing to the sand you could do so with this website!
Personalized Money  Have you ever wanted to put your face on a dollar bill or even better a $100 bill? Well here is your chance to do so. With this website you can choose the type of money (dollar, yen, etc), upload your photo, optionally re-position the photo, and then download the final image!

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